Getting Married in Churches

Here is a brief explanation of what a church wedding involves.

We will do all we can to make this a very special occasion for you, but also to help you come to a deeper understanding of how Christian faith can help you build a stronger relationship that can withstand the many pressures of modern life. We hope that by choosing to come to church (rather than a Register Office or other authorised location) you are seeking God's blessing on your life together.

Can we get married in one of the Romney Marsh Benefice churches?

Yes – if one of you is (or was) a resident of one of these parishes, if your parents live here, or if one of you worships (or has worshipped) here. If none of these are applicable, it may still be possible, but you will need to chat with us to discuss your situation.

What if I/my partner have been married before?

If either of you have been married previously, there is a slightly longer procedure in which the circumstances of your previous marriage have to be discussed, and special permission may have to be obtained from the Bishop before a wedding date can be booked. Our belief is that marriage should be for life, though sometimes we all make mistakes; but God is also forgiving and generous in his dealings with us all.


What if I/my partner is a foreign national?

Recent changes to the Law in Britain (March 2015) have introduced different procedures for those who are not British nationals.

At your first meeting we will ask you to bring your Passport (or other proof of nationality). If both partners are British citizens, you can get married after the calling of Banns in the traditional way.

If one of you is a foreign national we will be able to advise you about the administrative procedures you needs to follow.


 The basic procedure

  • Start by ringing our weddings administrator. Please phone or email Ann Rolfe (Benefice Wedding and Baptism Co-ordinator) on 01797 362719 to make an appointment.  As far as possible we try to fit in with your chosen date and time, but there may be other bookings, or a priest may not be available.
  • We will supply you with an Application Form that needs to be filled in at this stage. We recommend you search the Church of England web site where you will find plenty of material which we hope will cover many of the different aspects of marriage, and help you start planning a service that is personal to you.
  • Two to three months before your wedding day, we will meet again to go through the arrangements, and try to make the ceremony as personal as possible.
  • If you are being married after the calling of Banns, that will be done in the church where you are to be married, and also in your home parish if you live elsewhere. We will give you the relevant dates (which will be during the three months before your wedding). You are welcome to be present in church to hear the banns read; though we do understand that going to church three times in a row might be too much for some!
  • A day or two before your wedding we will need to hold a rehearsal in church, which will also involve the bridesmaids, best man and bride’s father (or whoever will be giving her away). It is helpful if the ushers and others directly involved are also present at that time.
  • The final step is your special day! We hope that with careful planning it will be a wonderful day for you both, and we pray that God will bless you and you will have a long and happy life together.
  • Our weddings administrator, Ann Rolfe, will guide you through the process. ( )

We want to make your wedding personal and memorable for you. Churches are special places and there are some things about a church wedding that you just can’t get anywhere else.

  • A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage
    The ceremony includes God and looks to him for help and guidance. God’s blessing is the main attraction for many couples, whatever their beliefs.
  • You can make amazing promises in a church
    You can only make vows this big in a church. These vows, made in public, will help you to stay together and grow together. God and your church are there for you to help you keep your vows.
  • The Vicar has a very particular role to play in your wedding
    They can blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story. Because of the relationship with the Vicar, your wedding can be made personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful.


This page will help ypu to know how we operate locally, but there is also lots of information on

Wedding fees are set annually by the Church of England. Please ask for more details.


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