Our Services

10am every 1st Sunday of the Month - said Holy Communion Service.

When there is a fifth Sunday, we have a Benefice Communion Service which moves around the benefice churches.




St Thomas Becket is the most iconic of all the churches on Romney Marsh. The tiny building that dates back to the late 12th century sits isolated in a field cut through with dykes and grazed by sheep; the houses of the original medieval inhabitants of Fairfield have long since disappeared. Constructed with a wooden frame and walls of wattle and daub, the church was restored in the 18th century when the walls were replaced with bricks. Inside the church is a pristine 18th century interior with a white-painted triple-decker pulpit, box pews, and oval text boards.




Church Officers

Church Warden Mrs Maureen Akers, 01797 344628.

For information please contact Rev. Shuna Body


St Thomas Becket, Fairfield TN29 9RZ

The church is kept locked. The key can be obtained from Becket, Fairfield, TN29 9RZ, which is on the opposite side of the road a few hundred yards to the west of the church.



Saturday 15th June
10:30am - 4:00pm -
Sunday 16th June
12:00am -
12:30pm -
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