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There is a service every Sunday at 10.30am. All are welcome.

When there is a fifth Sunday, we have a Benefice Communion Service which moves around the benefice churches.



St Peter's Church in Greatstone started in 1953 as a wooden hall situated a little further up Baldwin Road than the present church. This was in the days when most of Greatstone was shingle and sand dunes, with only a few houses, a railway station, and a holiday camp that had started just after World War 2.

Although part of the Parish and Borough of Lydd, it was six miles distant from Lydd town, and the need for a more local place of worship was felt.

The present building was made possible by a generous bequest, and was opened in April 1962 by Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury. The shape of the building is intended to reflect the shape of a boat - being a symbol of the disciple Peter, who was a fisherman, to whom it is dedicated. The east end is rounded to be like the bow, and the west end tapers, but is cut off square to represent the stern.

Church Officers

The church is part of the Parish of Lydd.

Deputy Churchwarden:

Colin Fowle



St Peter's Church, Baldwin Road, Greatstone, TN28 8RG


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